Wednesday was wonderful. It was warm and sixty-five-ish. The winds were out of control, but it hardly mattered. I drove with my car windows down; ran outside without twelve layers of clothing; and, just generally enjoyed the warmth.

And then today I woke up to snow. Not much, but still. I’m over it.

Or rather I was over it, until I remembered these:


I love boots. I really, really do. I hated them as a child, but I can’t remember why. They are warm and fuzzy and perfect for frolicking. And who doesn’t love a good frolic?!

I didn’t think I would have much chance to wear these. They were an end of the season (allegedly) purchase for super cheap. (Un?)Fortunately, it has snowed twice more, and I am loving every second of these boots. And, as Tim would be quick to tell you, I am loving every second of telling everyone I see how much I love these boots.


No go frolic.

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