Slow Going

February is the shortest month (even with the extra day this year), but it always seems the longest. I generally dread it. It’s the month when the gray skies pile up on you and my motivation takes a leave of absence. Thank goodness March has arrived!

With snow.

You just can’t win ’em all.

I have so many plans for March, it’s a little ridiculous. And probably a little unachievable. Given that I have certainly not done Yoga each day (see birthday bucket list), I wonder how far I will make it into March. But I would rather give it a shot, then give up before I start.

Speaking of giving up, the no processed snack foods is going smashingly well. I had a few glitches, but honestly, it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. To be fair, I haven’t had too much temptation so far, but only 30 days to go. How bad can that be?

One of my new March plans is half-marathon training (thanks to some motivated friends). I had big plans to start yesterday, and somehow ended up napping twice to stave off illness, and alas, did not run. So today, TODAY!, I was not to be deterred.

Did I mention the snow?

BUT I bundled myself up, and told my self real runners run in snow (fact: saw and/or ran by no less than 20 people…in the snow swirls and wind). I didn’t make it as long as I hoped, but 3.7 miles isn’t too shabby. And it turned out to be a great temperature for running.

It’s always just that first step that’s the worst. Let’s do this, March.

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