Crabby Patty

Some days I just don’t want to. And it takes 25 minutes to pep talk myself to go out to hang with friends. And then another 10 to put on pants. And then a car ride of grumbling, and a promise to my crabby self that I can leave after an hour.

And then I walk in the bar, the band is playing Galway Girl and all is well.

But I wonder how it is always so easy to forget that things are fun? Most things. All things involving friends. Or bands. Or both.

And why is it so easy to forget that you always end up right where you need to be? On a day when my poor attitude makes me wonder how anyone would want to love this crabby mess for any period of time, the lead singer drops a footnote in a song about summer in a sandbox, to tell the crowd that we are worth it. Love yourself, every day. You. Are. Worth it.

Thank you, kind sir, I needed that.

I just hope the next time I don’t want to I remember, faster, to put on pants and take the stroll on an old long walk of a day -I-ay-I-ay.

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