The Faux-30 Bucket List

Just a little list filled with all the things I always plan to do, but never actually do because as I age my memory fades and it becomes really hard to accomplish things you forget that you want to accomplish.

Not to brag or anything, but it’s only Day One, and I can already cross “Snow Master” off my list. Over an hour spent shoveling the oh-so-delightful birthday gift from Mother Nature: four inches of snow. By the time I finished, the first half of the walk was snowed over again. It’s like a funny little inside weather joke, only I’m on the outside (literally) so it just doesn’t seem as funny. At least it counts as a workout.

Here’s a little sampling of what’s ahead:

  1. Give up law school.
  2. Marry the man I love. It’s essential I accomplish #1 before #2 because I don’t think he wants to keep that level of crazy around for a lifetime.
  3. Do some amount of Yoga every day.
  4. Write more letters.
  5. Become a Snow Master.
  6. Slow down a bit.
  7. Have celebratory drinks more often because sometimes it’s the little things that feel best.
  8. Pass the bar exam.
  9. Get a job.
  10. Clean the house.
  11. Become bi-lingual. I didn’t spend four months in Siberia for nothing.
  12. Be a better listener.
  13. Take a boater’s safety course.
  14. Learn to swim for real (in full disclosure, I stole this from a friend’s list).
  15. Get over failing at perfection.
  16. Attend oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court.

While many of these aren’t a one time deal, even one time is better than not at all. I am planning to add items, take suggestions, check things off, and partner up to complete these goals (see #2).

It’s my final year as a twenty-something, and I refuse to go quietly.

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