The Adventures Continue!

Who needs Poland to be adventurous?! Not this girl. And it turns out, I am very easily persuaded . . .

Todd: Hey, Ellen! Wanna do the one mile lake swim with me this Saturday?

Ellen: Do you think I can swim a mile?

Todd: Sure!

So, the girl who hasn’t swam in, like, at least a year if not five, agreed to swim with a very enthusiastic “YEAH! I’ll swim!” I mean running is the same as swimming, right?

Morning dawned bright and early in Battle Creek. It was actually a perfect morning – sun shining, calm water, not too hot, not too cold.

Everything was perfect. Except for the fact that I seriously can’t swim. At least not in racing form. About 100 yards in, I looked over to Todd’s Dad, who also got roped into the swim, and yelled, “This is the worst idea we’ve ever had.”

BUT, after the first 1/4 mile, I realized I wouldn’t drown, only that it would take For.Ev.Er. to finish. But, hey, finishing slow is better than drowning any day.

So, after a dominant 55 minutes and 3 seconds of combination side stroke/back stroke, I brought home the third place MEDAL out of the three people in my age group! And Tim kayaked next to me the whole way. Bless his heart, it was a long time to kayak. Todd brought home gold with his show off “I-used-to-be-on-a-swim-team” stroke.

Moral of the story is, yes, I can swim a mile. Should I? Absolutely not.

But at least I have a time to beat for next year :)

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One Response to The Adventures Continue!

  1. Karen says:

    I ♥ Ellen! She is my idol!

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