Gloomy Weather

Well, dear friends of southwest Michigan, I am truly sorry for bringing the rain back with me from Poland. I thought perhaps I could shake the clouds and rain by fleeing Europe, but instead I brought it home to share. Just think of it as a souvenir.

And, hey. At least I’m not sharing the stomach virus I also brought home. You’re welcome.

I think it goes without saying that I am safe and sound at home again! And I couldn’t be more excited about it :) It was a great trip with great people, but home is home, ya know?

We headed out of Bialystok in a mad rush on Saturday and went to Warsaw with Amanda, who oh so kindly let us share her hotel at the airport that night (thank you friend!). The three of us, plus another from our program, took one last wander through Warsaw that night. It was actually lovely in the city, good weather and a perfect night for dining outside.


We even managed to find the good “tight twist” ice cream; America certainly does not twist this tight. And in Bialystok it’s somehow coconut flavored, which may sound tasty, but . . .

The next morning, Corey and I headed out of Warsaw, waking up about 4 am. We flew, cabbed, flew, waited, flew, and drove. After a mere 22 hours of travel, we made it. Oy.  And special prize goes to the reader that can accurately guess how much our cab from London Luton airport to London Heathrow airport cost. For a hint, the ride was under 30 minutes.

OH! And, since I know you all have been dying with suspense (did we see the illuminated fountains or did we not before we left Bialystok?!?) . . . NOPE! Turns out Friday night is not a weekend night in Poland. Of course.

A few more stories to share, but a nap is in order first.

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