Bialystok Sights

Four weeks has come and gone. Today is our last class and people have already starting to head home. We have had a great time here, but home sounds pretty amazing.

Here’s a (long overdue) quick tour of Bialystok before I head on out.

This is Branicki Palace. A palace built by a man who one day hoped to be King of Poland. He didn’t quite make it, but he at least contributed some nice buildings to the city.

The Palace is currently home to the medical school. In the back are the gardens, though recently planted and growing slowly. I am sure all the rain we’ve had this week will help with the growth factor.

Another Branicki sponsored building sits in the middle of the city center square.

The Rynek Kosciuszki  is now home to many different restaurants and the main site of many music festivals.

There are also little shops around, and no shortage of clubs to get your dance on nearby.

This is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It stands on one end of the city center, with an Orthodox Church located at the opposite end. Parades and processions usually run between the two churches.

I attended mass here last Sunday here. There is as much brickwork inside as outside, and stained glass windows are everywhere. The service was in Polish, but the order followed the flow of mass in the States.

And before you think it’s only gray around here, the sun does break through on occasion. Today it should be 78 and sunny, but the gray clouds outside the window are telling me otherwise.

This is another open square near the law school. There are fountains and a theater at one end. We also caught the auto show here, as well as a military display the day the President came to the city.


There is a beautiful park in the middle of the city, which just so happens to be across from the law school.

Planty Park is home to the “Washerwoman” sculpture, and illuminated fountains. I have yet to see the illumination since it occurs only on the weekends and we’ve managed to be out of town most of those. The one day we were set to see the fountains, there were off due to a music festival. Go figure. BUT, tonight we will make on last attempt! Stay tuned . . .


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