A Little USA Pride

Class on the Fourth of July?! Silly Poland. At least there was cake.

Despite the rainy weather – all weekend – by some miracle, it mostly blew over by yesterday afternoon. It was more gray, and certainly more cold, than we had hoped for, but we were still able to head out into the forest for our Fourth of July celebration.

It was absolutely in the middle of nowhere, but full of beautiful trees, wagon rides, horses, and even ziplines. I promise, this was not as bad as it looks. Though, I did end up a little more soggy than I hoped for . . .

We traded Kielbasa roasting skills for Marshmallow roasting skills with the Polish students. The S’mores were a huge hit, despite the faux graham crackers. And, I ended up only moderately sticky as the Official Assembly(wo)man.

Perhaps I should have zip-lined after the s’more making.

Cheers to 235 years, America, and thanks for a great reason to celebrate with new friends!

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