I Got Sunshine . . .

on a cloudy day.

In Warsaw.

So, I’d love to tell you that round two in Warsaw was more thrilling than round one . . . And, I’d love to tell you that the weather was better the second time, too . . .

But honesty is the best policy, so let’s just talk clouds.

See the gray cloud in the corner? At first I thought I got my finger in the picture, but it turns out that the view from the Palace of Culture puts you right at cloud level.

The balcony is high up, wide open, and fenced in by (under my standards) some questionable looking chicken wire. But it was sturdy enough to stop me from reaching out to poke that stray cloud.

Later, the clouds were fighting the sun above this church as a just-married couple trounced around outside. If the sun won, it’s a beautiful day. If the clouds won, rain on a wedding day brings good luck, right?

This lucky bride got the best of both, as the weather flipped flopped all day long.

Seriously though, I can’t remember the last time I saw clouds this amazing.

Is the sky bigger here? Are the clouds bigger?

Am I just too preoccupied to notice at home?

Stop. Don’t answer that.

Just be sure to look up and bask in the cloudy goodness, wherever you may be.


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