A Bumpy Road to Krakow

Highly. Comfortable. Bus.

That’s what the advertisements claimed. Corey and I rode a lot of buses thus far in Europe and compared to the trains, the buses won out on comfort every time.  So, I naturally assumed that I’d enjoy a nice eight hour nap on the way to Krakow this past weekend, and wake up refreshed and ready to get down to it.

Not even close. I don’t know what was worse: the horribly bumpy and narrow roads, or a bus with no shocks and a driver who thought slamming on the breaks every ten seconds was proper driving. The only good news to come out of the bus ride was that we made there and back alive and (relatively) in one piece.

It’s a good things Krakow is so beautiful because it more than compensated for the travel conditions. We did a speed walking tour all morning, heading down the streets, into churches and all around the square. The best way to describe Krakow is the stereotypical European city you see in movies. It’s definitely a place I wish we could have been in longer.



All through the streets were vendors, food carts, and musicians. We saw a few Pope highlights (he’s from Krakow area), too.



Nothing in particular stood out as fabulous, but the entire city vibe made me want to wander around for days. It also happened to be theatre month, with free performances and movie showings all across the city. People were camped out in the grassy medians watching movies on the sides of buildings.

We caught the midnight fire show in the city square, which was . . . not quite as exciting as it might sound, but anyone that can hula hoop with six flaming pots on the hoop definitely deserves some credit. There was apparently a story line to go with it, but, you know, some things just don’t translate. Sometimes for the better, I think.

Stay tuned for “Antics Down Under: A Salty Exploration Through the Mines”

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2 Responses to A Bumpy Road to Krakow

  1. gmk61 says:

    What sort of music were those folks playing?

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