You, too, Can be a Zoo Animal.

The plan was to walk home. And then it got cloudy. And then it got sunny. So we decided to be champions and walk the 3 mile walk from school to dorm the scenic way, despite the looming clouds.

Lovely, right?

About 15 minutes into this adventure we noticed the “Zoo.” It was like a petting farm with a bear. A bear that we are pretty sure could break out of his rickety metal cage. Apparently, the zoo is set for renovation next year, and, in the meantime, you take your chances.

Which is exactly what we did during our little game of name that animal. Bonus points if you correctly guess all the animals:

Approximately ten minutes after we left the zoo, the downpour began. Forest + Heavy Rain = Muddy Americans, but at least I suppose we more closely resembled the zoo animals at that point.

Happy trails; Happy Monday, friends.

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