What Country am I in Again?

This week has been filled with dinners on the patios and lots of runs. Life is all about balance, right?

The food here is a complete mystery, though. There are more pizzerias than in America. No joke. You can also find Subways, KFCs, and “American Chinese Food” – that’s actually the name of the restaurant….

So far, we have had Mexican food made by a Spanish cook in a pizzeria. Um, delicious, but not Mexican as we know it.

The next night (courtesy of the program – BIG thanks!), we ended up at another Polish restaurant serving mostly Mexican food. I opted for a salad, so I can’t speak to the authenticity of Mexican food here. I doubt we had another Spanish cook, so it may be moving in the wrong direction. It’s just an investigation I’ll save for another day, I suppose.

And for all the time we’ve spent in Poland, I have had one Polish meal only, and it doesn’t look promising for too many more. Though, we are working on convincing our beloved leader of the foreigners to teach us how to make a few things. Perhaps a cooking night in the dorms is coming soon?!

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One Response to What Country am I in Again?

  1. Cousin Anne says:

    Look at that sweet smiling Ellen face! Glad you are back to full strength and fully laundered. Please enjoy some Polish potatoes with lots of butter & dill for me : )

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