All in a Day’s Work

The end of the first week has arrived (so quick!) and we leave for Cracow this afternoon (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone). In a few short hours, I will have officially learned European Union Labor Law (pending exam) and half of European Union Constitutional Law. Even MORE importantly, I can officially order food in bad Polish and say my pleases and thank yous. Look at these happy Polish speaking faces:

The language skills came in very handy tonight as I attempted to navigate the laundry room. The dorm guard/key distributor doesn’t speak English. Turns out though, he speaks Russian. In a horrible combination of Pol-Russ-glish, I got a key, made friends with the girls who subsequently took the key, and now again have clean clothes.As Konrad, our Polish instructor says, it’s all about communicating at first, not necessarily correctly. Ain’t that the truth.

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One Response to All in a Day’s Work

  1. gmk61 says:

    haw…all the women are on one side and the menfolk on the other! we never really leave jr. high.

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