All Shiny & Bright

On Our First Day of School! The sun even came out to support us.

Sort of a long morning with reality sinking in that this is still school, even though it’s in Poland. But if that’s the worst reality that hits, we are in good shape.

The former Prime Minister came and gave a very detailed history on the development of the US Constitution v. the Polish Constitution and how this history has affected citizens’ attitude towards their respective document. Very interesting and his knowledge was impressive.

More wandering after class before a group trip to the Polish version of Meijer. Imagine 13 loud Americans on a bus with tons of bags of groceries and other crap…disaster. Best part was getting off the bus as things were dropped, kicked, and spun in circles. We were the center of attention without a doubt.

Highlight of the day was a run around the dorm neighborhood with my new running buddies, Amanda and Joe. A perfect night for running and exploring our new home. Sunshine, cool breeze and lots of laughs!

Now just watching the beautiful sunset and relaxing for the night…

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