Varh-shah-Vah, as the locals say

Or Warsaw, spoken like a true American. We have reached the right the country after ten days of travel! And it’s a balmy 55 degrees. This morning dawned bright and sunny, though, so I am trying not to hold the cold against the country . . . yet.

We didn’t have much time once the train got in last night, so we wandered to a local microbrewery for dinner and real Polish beer. Afterward, we headed down to the river to check out the night views of the city. Warsaw has a bit of disadvantage compared to Budapest and Prague, as there are no hills to climb to get a bird’s eye view. Despite the weather it was a nice night, and the city has a good vibe to it. Lots of people out walking and eating (outside, even) and based on what I heard from the hostel window, lots of people out ALL night enjoying the place.

We grab the bus to Bialystok to meet the rest of our group in a few hours. I am up WAY too early for that, but I am taking my inability to sleep as a sign that I am getting over my cold. Once my taste buds are fully up and running again after the cold, I am on a one track mission for pierogies and cabbage. I fully expect Bialystok will be up for the challenge.

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