Home Sweet Home

Well. We made it. Today marked our only travel snafu (hopefully on the trip, but at least thus far).

Our bus to Bialystok was more of a van and apparently all the cool kids go to Bialystok because it was full. SO god bless free wi-fi and the number of McDonald’s in Europe because we were able to track down a train, run to the station, go up and down about 8 flights of broken escalators, and finally land on a train to the right place.

Our guide, Magda, picked us up and we already have rooms, some food from the store and are waiting to explore dinner options for tonight. The rest of the group arrives near 5 p.m. so things should get interesting soon…

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One Response to Home Sweet Home

  1. dhaelewyn says:

    Dzien dobry – Glad to hear that you and your group have made it to your destination. Keep the posts going.

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