A Post for a Few of my Favorite People Under Age 10

So a common thread between all the cities is Churches and Statues named after, or depicting, different figures within the Church. And it just so happens that my nephews, Nicholas, Stephen, and Michael, share names with a few of them.

St. Stephen has cropped up in London, Budapest, and Vienna.

This is St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest and the picture really does it no justice. Of note, the Hungarians pronounce his name St. Ishvan.  So what do you think? New nickname for Stephen?!

Also in Budapest is Archangel Gabriel’s (Michael’s middle name) statute statue (holy lawyer, Batman) in Heroes’ Square. He is raised high up to watch over and protect the city.

The statue is surrounded by several other figures, chieftains of Hungarian tribes, and bordered on both sides by the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Gallery. It’s a huge square, and apparently often the location of political protests.

Finally, in Prague is St. Nicholas’s Church in Old Town Square. The Church building is a Baroque style architecture. The buildings in Prague are designed in a variety of different styles, including one of the only cubist buildings in the world, the House of the Black Madonna. The combination of so many styles makes for a very beautiful city.

I haven’t caught any other buildings out there for the other kids, but the trip isn’t over yet. Love you guys!

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