Beer Challenge Accepted.

Following Aunt Judy’s advice that Czech beer is the best, Corey and I signed up for the Beer Challenge Tour last night. I think we all know who prevailed.

We toured three traditional bars, including a commie bar, and sampled four different Czech beers. Amazing. Even the dark beer was super smooth and went down easy. And the chocolate beer tasted amazingly like Hershey’s syrup. Yum!

We met some amazing people on the tour – made some American friends, Australian friends, Canucks, and even Malaysians. Even beer aside, it was one of the most fun tours I’ve been on.

Early in the day we took a free walking tour (offered in several major European cities) around all the major landmarks. It was pretty entertaining, and it included a lot of myths (or are they?) about Prague. Apparently the Czechs have explanations for everything.

I think the most amazing thing I learned is that the Czech Republic wasn’t really free until 1993, even though the wall fell in 1989. They have a really up and down history, some even altered by the Russians, and I definitely will need to read more about it all.

And no trip to Prague is complete without a walk on the Charles Bridge. We even took our chances with local lore and rubbed some statutes on the bridge for good luck. Only time will tell if it works…

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One Response to Beer Challenge Accepted.

  1. eRIC says:

    I’m guessing the chocolate beer was at the commie bar? What a horrible thing to do to a beer.

    On a related note, I recommend not wearing any Red Soxs apparel on this trip.

    Stay safe!

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