Did I mention the Amusement Park?

It’s amazing how quickly I forget what I did…Corey and I stumbled upon the craziest amusement park I’ve ever witnessed.

And it was blazing hot out. Which meant only one thing:


At the low low low (sense the sarcasm) cost of 3.50 Euros. What. a. Deal.



The anticipation nearly killed me.





BUT, luckily Corey soaked up all the splash. In the words of Adam Sandler, all the cool kids pee their pants. At least that’s what he tried to tell the girls…




And no amusement park is complete without a giant gorilla. Especially a Gorilla that shoots out water at everyone who walked by, as if he were peeing on you. Poor Corey. First the water ride, then the gorilla.

This guy managed to stand stood RIGHT in the path of the water for five minutes, eventually walking away unharmed. Unreal.

Until Prague.

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