I picked myself up a nice little souvenir somewhere between the Buda and Vienna in the form of a cold. BUT we still trekked all over and saw most, if not all, of the highlights of Vienna.

Today we managed to walk eight hours and by the end, neither Corey or I even had the will to take any pictures. Faded fast with all that walking. Not too much to say about the Vienna sights. The maps were terrible, so we saw the buildings, but are pretty uncertain what some of them are. We did check out the Parliament building which is very US Supreme Court in style and very unlike the ones in London or Budapest.

We did much better work on the food side here. Corey tried Schnitzel and I opted for Austrian Goulash. In Austria it’s much more like stew, but still nothing like what I expected. I also tried the world famous Apple Strudel (eh) and somehow got addicted to Apple Spritzer (deliciously refreshing!). 

Other fun facts about Vienna: getting ice cream after work is the equivalent of getting alcohol after work in America; there are more Starbucks in Vienna than in Kalamazoo; and the odds of bumping into someone eating noodles while you are both walking down the street is high (the ultimate meal on the go, apparently).

On to Prague by bus in the morning . . . 


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One Response to Ah-Ah-Ah

  1. Cousin Anne says:

    Noo colds- boooo! I suggest a restful day exploring the Museum of Decorative Arts or the Prague Zoo, rated 7th best in the world. Plus, traditional Czech chicken soup.

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