Mind the Gap

And so it begins….

Corey and I landed safe and sound in London and successfully navigated our way from the airport to our (less than stellar) hostel. I met a delightful Brit on the plane whose only advice was: “I’m so sorry, but it’s just SO expensive here!”

She wasn’t kidding.

BUT it was a beautiful day here, and Corey survived his first marathon walking session with me. Lucky for him, we only have to ride on a plane tomorrow to Budapest so he will have recovery time. I think we managed to cover most of the city on foot, including a ridiculous walk to find the Diana Memorial Fountain. It took about five hours (with other stops in between) and (I can only guess) at least 10 miles to find it. Turns out, it’s less of a fountain and more of the world’s coldest wading ring. Yes, ring; not pool. Let this be a lesson to all of you not to seek it out the next time you are in London. We also managed to be the idiots sitting outside Buckingham Palace who had no idea that’s what it was. So all in all, a successful day!

That’s the nutshell version for today, pictures to come this weekend after we arrive in Budapest. Let’s all just hope Wizz Air lives up to its name …


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3 Responses to Mind the Gap

  1. max kolar says:

    Hahahahaha I got kicked out of that fountain when I was in London for walking in it. Hope u had an awesome time!

  2. gmk61 says:

    No pubs or curry, and no guard changing either I guess eh?

    • ellelinn says:

      Pubs, yes. Curry, on the way home. And guard changing, never. We couldn’t even identify the Palace on the first attempt, so the odds of us timing it right to see this is next to impossible.

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