Wednesday was wonderful. It was warm and sixty-five-ish. The winds were out of control, but it hardly mattered. I drove with my car windows down; ran outside without twelve layers of clothing; and, just generally enjoyed the warmth.

And then today I woke up to snow. Not much, but still. I’m over it.

Or rather I was over it, until I remembered these:


I love boots. I really, really do. I hated them as a child, but I can’t remember why. They are warm and fuzzy and perfect for frolicking. And who doesn’t love a good frolic?!

I didn’t think I would have much chance to wear these. They were an end of the season (allegedly) purchase for super cheap. (Un?)Fortunately, it has snowed twice more, and I am loving every second of these boots. And, as Tim would be quick to tell you, I am loving every second of telling everyone I see how much I love these boots.


No go frolic.

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Slow Going

February is the shortest month (even with the extra day this year), but it always seems the longest. I generally dread it. It’s the month when the gray skies pile up on you and my motivation takes a leave of absence. Thank goodness March has arrived!

With snow.

You just can’t win ’em all.

I have so many plans for March, it’s a little ridiculous. And probably a little unachievable. Given that I have certainly not done Yoga each day (see birthday bucket list), I wonder how far I will make it into March. But I would rather give it a shot, then give up before I start.

Speaking of giving up, the no processed snack foods is going smashingly well. I had a few glitches, but honestly, it’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. To be fair, I haven’t had too much temptation so far, but only 30 days to go. How bad can that be?

One of my new March plans is half-marathon training (thanks to some motivated friends). I had big plans to start yesterday, and somehow ended up napping twice to stave off illness, and alas, did not run. So today, TODAY!, I was not to be deterred.

Did I mention the snow?

BUT I bundled myself up, and told my self real runners run in snow (fact: saw and/or ran by no less than 20 people…in the snow swirls and wind). I didn’t make it as long as I hoped, but 3.7 miles isn’t too shabby. And it turned out to be a great temperature for running.

It’s always just that first step that’s the worst. Let’s do this, March.

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Giving Up

Ever have one of those moments when you are on the fence about something, and suddenly there it is staring you in the face with a push in one direction? I have been debating going gluten free (and even halfheartedly attempted it) because I just don’t feel well, and it seems like it would be worth a try. I opened up a blog I sometimes read today (http://www.livelaugheat.com/), and the topic of the day? How good she’s been feeling since going gluten free. Thanks for the sign world.

That being said, I am not going to dive into gluten free, but I decided to start on a path to cleaner eating during Lent. Not for any particular religious purpose, but just because I hope it will make me feel better, physically.

Starting today, I am giving up processed snack foods. A sad day since I have yet to get a box of Girl Scout cookies this season.

But if this is the saddest part of the next 40 days, I will take it.

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I have lost the will to prepare for class. As far as I am concerned, this isn’t a huge issue, except for the statistics class because I really am out of practice with math (do I really need to calculate the skewness of data anyway?!). In the event I get called on today, this is my plan:

I’ll let you know how this works out for me.

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Rice Krispies

Battle Creek ends up as the butt of a lot of jokes, but it does have some perks worth talking about. Arcadia Brewery for example, which has some of the best bar food I’ve ever encountered. And Continental Bakery, a German bakery, which happens to be the only place I know of in the Midwest where I can get a thuringer sandwich on rye. It’s a Swedish thing (at least in my family), and if you love summer sausage, then this sandwich is for you.

But my favorite part of Battle Creek is the smell. Yes. The smell.

It’s the smell of baking cereal. It’s a bit like fresh bread, but less yeast, and more sweet. It’s incredible.

I don’t know if it’s just because it’s winter, but the smell reminds me of being curled up in front of a fire, tucked under a blanket, while it’s snowing like crazy, just soaking up a lazy winter day, with something homemade baking in the oven.

I never noticed the smell before I started working downtown, so maybe the wind just blows the right way through our parking lot. Whatever it is, I love it.

And what great marketing for Kellogg’s – all I could think of yesterday was a bowl of Rice Krispies. I mean, honestly, who eats Rice Krispies, unless it’s in treat form? They get so soggy so fast, but, dang. I need a bowl.

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Crabby Patty

Some days I just don’t want to. And it takes 25 minutes to pep talk myself to go out to hang with friends. And then another 10 to put on pants. And then a car ride of grumbling, and a promise to my crabby self that I can leave after an hour.

And then I walk in the bar, the band is playing Galway Girl and all is well.

But I wonder how it is always so easy to forget that things are fun? Most things. All things involving friends. Or bands. Or both.

And why is it so easy to forget that you always end up right where you need to be? On a day when my poor attitude makes me wonder how anyone would want to love this crabby mess for any period of time, the lead singer drops a footnote in a song about summer in a sandbox, to tell the crowd that we are worth it. Love yourself, every day. You. Are. Worth it.

Thank you, kind sir, I needed that.

I just hope the next time I don’t want to I remember, faster, to put on pants and take the stroll on an old long walk of a day -I-ay-I-ay.

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The Faux-30 Bucket List

Just a little list filled with all the things I always plan to do, but never actually do because as I age my memory fades and it becomes really hard to accomplish things you forget that you want to accomplish.

Not to brag or anything, but it’s only Day One, and I can already cross “Snow Master” off my list. Over an hour spent shoveling the oh-so-delightful birthday gift from Mother Nature: four inches of snow. By the time I finished, the first half of the walk was snowed over again. It’s like a funny little inside weather joke, only I’m on the outside (literally) so it just doesn’t seem as funny. At least it counts as a workout.

Here’s a little sampling of what’s ahead:

  1. Give up law school.
  2. Marry the man I love. It’s essential I accomplish #1 before #2 because I don’t think he wants to keep that level of crazy around for a lifetime.
  3. Do some amount of Yoga every day.
  4. Write more letters.
  5. Become a Snow Master.
  6. Slow down a bit.
  7. Have celebratory drinks more often because sometimes it’s the little things that feel best.
  8. Pass the bar exam.
  9. Get a job.
  10. Clean the house.
  11. Become bi-lingual. I didn’t spend four months in Siberia for nothing.
  12. Be a better listener.
  13. Take a boater’s safety course.
  14. Learn to swim for real (in full disclosure, I stole this from a friend’s list).
  15. Get over failing at perfection.
  16. Attend oral arguments at the United States Supreme Court.

While many of these aren’t a one time deal, even one time is better than not at all. I am planning to add items, take suggestions, check things off, and partner up to complete these goals (see #2).

It’s my final year as a twenty-something, and I refuse to go quietly.

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